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Garden In Winter

Winter Garden Crop

The only thing sadder than a garden in winter is no garden at all.





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Citrus Galore

I’m up to 4 citrus trees now.  Below you can see the Meyers Lemon is having a bumper year, but the lime tree in the background didn’t do much.  Of course, the lime tree lost its leaves over the winter, so I’m happy that it recovered. Also, it’s growing season seems a bit off.  It is starting to produce flowers now.

Meyers Lemon

The Meyers Lemon tree is drooping with fruit this year.

My orange tree produced more than last year.  I’m not sure if this is its normal or if it will continue to increase yield each year.  Also, I picked up the mystery citrus tree on the left for $2 from a nursery this past spring.  It had been sitting on their yard since the previous year, and they didn’t know what it was.  Neither do I.  Maybe it’ll produce something next year.

Orange Tree17

Oranges coming soon!

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What Do You See?


I walked outside the other day to check on my garden and this is what I saw.   He was actually closer when I walked up on him, but I didn’t have my glasses on and it took me a bit to find the camera button on my phone.  Even then, I wasn’t sure I got him in the picture until I went inside to get my glasses.  Yep, getting old is a bitch.

Luckily, he preferred to munch on the honeysuckle growing on the boulders in my yard instead of my garden delights.

I showed this picture to my wife, and her reaction was: Ahh, how cute.  Yep, cute, just like the bunnies that hippty-hop through my yard and munch on my flowers.  She see’s cute bunnies, squirrels, and deer wondering through our yard as a wonderful display of nature’s creatures.  I just see a bunch of free-loading riffraff who sneak around (usually at night) and eat my plantings.

What do you see?





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Flower Power #2

I love lots of colors in the yard.  This Portulaca is hanging near my front door.  The flowers only open during the day and and stand up towards the sun.  They close up at night and droop down.


This hibiscus bush has pretty purple flowers.  I put it in two years ago and it is starting to get a little out of hand.  I probably need to trim it this coming fall.


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Flower Power


My wife received this White Amaryllis as a gift from Belks two years ago for buying her favorite perfume.  Well actually, I bought her the perfume for Christmas and got this flower as a gift.  It did well the first year, but didn’t bloom last year.  I guess the third year is the charm.  It probably helped that I actually gave it some fertilizer this year.

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Spring is Here!

Spring is in the air, and I love it.  We all have our reasons for loving spring:  Some are happy to see the end of winter, some like the flowers, and some like to get outside and go for walks.  This last one is my wife’s favorite.  She drags encourages me to walk with her to keep me young.  Yay walks!

I love spring for the gardening.  I love planting time, but what I don’t love is the bending over.  Since I started having lower back problems a couple of years ago, gardening has gotten harder.  All that shoveling and bending over is not so easy now, and I need to take more breaks than I want to admit.   This year I decided to make it easier (hopefully).


I found this raised bed planter thing online as a kit, and installed it with the help of my able son.  So, he’s an engineer, but can actually handle tools.(I haven’t told him how rare he is yet.)  Next comes filling it up with soil (more shoveling), and planting my plants.  No more bending for me.

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Oranges Anyone?


I purchased an orange tree, lemon tree, and lime tree about two years ago.  They are miniature trees and I grow them in pots and put them in the garage for the winter.  The lemon and lime trees both produced fruit the second year, but the orange tree was a bit different.  The first year, all the leaves fell off of it and I thought it might be dead.  I did some checking and figured out my pot didn’t drain and the tree’s root were water bound.  I pulled the leave-less tree out of the pot and drilled my drain holes bigger.  In year two, the leaves came back but the tree did not produce.

This year I have lemons, limes, and oranges.  I’m excited about the oranges and tried one today. It was better than what we can find in the local market.  The lemon and lime crop was better this year than last, and I’m hoping the oranges follow suit next year.  This year it produced seven oranges, so here’s hoping for more in the coming years.

After I figured out what I was doing, growing citrus was not too hard.  Water everyday in the summer months and fertilize every other month.  In the winter (in the garage) I water about once a week.  I also cut them back in the winter to prepare for the next year’s growth.













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