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Check out my Stuff!

I will be running an Amazon promotion on the Kingdom of Haven series for the next 5 days.  The Order of the Wolf is free, Stenson Blues is $.99, and The Eastern Factor is $1.99.

I tend to write towards the dark and gritty.  If you’re not quite sure if they’re your cup of tea, check out my quick book descriptions:

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Having a mid-life crisis, shit happens, and people die.




Coming of age, more shit happens, and more people die.



Life’s a bitch, then you marry one, and then you die.


If you like gritty mercenaries, strong women, and dirty politics give them a read.

What was I thinking?  That sounds pretty light and cheery.





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Short & Twisted

Short and Twisted


You can find my short story “Santa Doesn’t Work Here Anymore” in the Short & Twisted Christmas Tales anthology that just became available on Amazon.

Give it a read.




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Is there such a thing as a Free Game?

I’ve always liked playing computer games.  Okay, I’ll be more precise:  I’ve always liked playing computer games since the home PC became popular.  I know I’m dating myself, but before that I used to frequent the arcades.  They’re still out there, but arcades were much more popular back in the day before PC’s and game consoles.

I’ll admit I bought my first PC so I could play games.  Well, maybe my first couple of PC’s.  Then I started writing and the internet came along, and I used my PC for much more.  I finally decided to go the console route and bought a PS3.  I figured I didn’t need to upgrade my computer for writing or the internet, so it would be cheaper to buy a game console.  This has proven to be true, for me at least.  I am a frugal gamer and wait to play games once the prices drop.  I know—it’s lame because I’m talking about games everyone else played 6 months ago.

Anyway, back to the question:  Is there such a thing as a free game.  Yes and no.  I recently started trying out “free” online games.  I’ve found a couple that I enjoy, but I’ve also found they’re not entirely free.  The games I like are free as long as you are patient and can tone back your competitive spirit.  They offer perks and upgrades and shortcuts to people who are willing to pay.  For just a few dollars you can buy enough jewels/crystals/gold (depending upon the game) to buy better equipment, or build that building faster, or gain VIP status.  This tactic is genius.  So I can tell myself I’m saving money by playing for free, and yet pay a few dollars now and again to get ahead.  It’s not really paying for the game when you do it like that—right?  A couple of dollars here and there are no big deal.

So, I did mention that I’m a frugal gamer.  Even though I’m tempted—because I hate being passed up by other players—I have refrained so far from paying as I play.  So I don’t move up as quickly as those cheating bastards that pay for their jewels/crystals/gold!  Wow, that actually felt pretty good.     

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The Last of Us: A Pleasant Surprise

I admit I was a tad hesitant to play this game.  It’s not my normal cup of tea.  I figured it was going to be a lot like Heavy Rain, which I found a bit boring and never finished.  It had great reviews, though, so I decided why not.  It turns out I was pleasantly surprised by the game play.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure it deserved all the hype, but it did keep me entertained and the action moved the storyline forward at a good pace.  I read several reviews that said the cut scenes and voice acting was good, and I agree.  It was a nice blend of storyline and action.  There are a couple of changes I would have liked to have seen in the game though.  First, the storyline was pretty much set, so your actions in the game didn’t really change what was coming next.  Second, I’m more of melee type of fighter – my eyes and reflexes aren’t what they used to be – so the quick shooting reflexes and sneaking around didn’t totally appeal to me.  I did get the hang of it, but I’m guessing the shooter gamers thought it was easy.

I would say the graphics and storyline were the definite strengths of this game.  It was an enjoyable game to watch as much as play. 

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