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Super Genius


My daughter calls me Super Genius, but not in a good way.  She doesn’t mean Fruit Loops with marshmallows genius (If you haven’t tried this perfect breakfast cereal, stop denying yourself).  When she calls me Super Genius, the words are accompanied by a smirk and an eye roll.  She means Wile E. Coyote Super Genius. . . and I’m okay with that.  She even bought me this nifty shirt.

Genius shirt

I earned this designation by sharing all the trivia stuck in my head with my family at the dinner table.  So this means we made a habit of sitting down and eating dinner together, and even (gasp) talked as a family during that time.  So yeah, I tell too many “dad jokes” and spout off nonsense trivia, but it beats each of us burying our heads in our cell phones only coming up for air for a “pass the bread.”

Besides, Wile E. Coyote is one of my childhood heroes.  That dude never gave up!  Get blown up, fall off a cliff, get hit by a train—it didn’t matter, he always came back for more.  That coyote had a goal, and he was determined to reach it no matter what.  To be honest, I always cheered for Wile E. Coyote.  He was the underdog (or would that be undercoyote?), and that roadrunner was a bit too arrogant for my taste.

So when my daughter calls me Super Genius, I just smile.

That’s me.


When the roadrunner finally slips up, I’ll be the one strapped to my Acme rocket ready to swoop in and finally reach my goal.  Or, maybe it’s off the cliff again.  Who can say, but you can’t stop trying.

Coyote Bye


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Dogs Aren’t People


I actually wrote the draft of this post about a week ago.  Here is what happened:

I was walking with my wife on the sidewalk.  A lady was approaching us from the opposite direction with her dog on a leash.  It was an older yellow lab.  As we approached, I moved over to the right (behind my wife) to give them space to pass.  The dog ignored my wife but stepped towards me as we passed and tried to bite me.  He got a hold of my shirt and snapped the belt loop off my jean shorts.  It happened so quickly, I had no time to react.

When this all registered in my brain, I heard the woman say to her dog, “That’s not nice,” as if she was talking to a child, and she kept walking.  She didn’t turn around or say anything to the guy her dog just tried to bite.

You can imagine, my original post had a different tone than this one.  Fortunately, I decided to sit on it for a week.  I had visions of doggy protesters waving signs in my front lawn, walking their dogs up and down my sidewalk, and pooping in my yard (Actually, with my single-digit readership it would probably be just some old dude with his chihuahua—sorry dad).  Can you imagine how embarrassed those dogs would be at their owners’ behavior?  That’s right, they wouldn’t be embarrassed because they are dogs, not people.

I guess I just don’t understand people why treat their dogs like children.  Maybe it’s because I have children, and have also owned dogs. Yes, I am a dog person, and I do believe they can be a part of your family.  Still, pet owners should understand that they are animals and not people.  They are responsible if their pet injures another person, or damages another’s property.  This means they are responsible to train their dog properly, not treat it like an errant child.

You don’t have to look hard to find headlines about dog attacks, even dogs that attack their owners.  It is not just pit bulls that attack people either.  Dogs of all breeds do it, like the yellow lab that wanted a piece of my shorts, and even the little chihuahua out protesting in my front yard.  The repercussions of a dog attack can be deadly.  As a pet owner, you owe it to not only your fellow humans to train your pet, but also to the pet itself.  It may be your pet’s life that you save through proper training.

I have no hard feeling towards the yellow lab, but I wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of the owner.  Of course, then she would demand that I be put down.

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Who Are These Highly Successful People?

Growing up, I hated watching the news. News was for grownups, I liked watching my afternoon sitcoms.  At that time we had three channels, so it wasn’t as if there were that many shows to choose from.  Still, I had my favorites: Gilligan’s Island, Hogan’s Heroes, F Troop, and many others.  They were all silly shows, but they entertained us.

The evening news was not entertaining, and to make it worse, all the channels showed the news at the same time. No option then but to go and do my homework.  Anything that drives you to do your homework is bad, right?

Even after I became an adult, I didn’t enjoy watching the news. News was still boring.  All the news anchors had the same monotone inflection and I’m pretty sure they all bought their suits from the same tailor.  Also, I lived in a small town.  Top story tonight:  They ran out of ice cream at the Dairy Queen . . . News at 11.

Today, I get my news off the internet. I typically waste a good hour each day skimming through websites looking to see what’s happening (another sitcom I liked back in the day).  As I rummaged around today, I wondered:  Is this really any better?  Yes, there are more options to choose from, and you can find any perspective.  One would think this would result in better informed people, but I’m not so sure.  Like any other area of society, you don’t really have to have an open mind.  Just visit the sites with which you agree.  It’s just like having a hundred channels on cable and only watching six of them.

I think my biggest complaint about news in the past has not changed with the internet. Why must we fabricate news stories when there is nothing worth reporting?  Or should I say nothing worth wasting my time?  At least with the nightly news, I could understand they had to fill up the time.  On the internet, this problem has increased exponentially.  Who has the time to scour through all the crap?

Some of this crap is worse than the rest. With the internet has come my least favorite crap “news article.”  I call it the “Highly Successful People” article.  This article is designed to sell you something while at the same time, make you feel like shit about yourself.  Here’s one I saw today:

“11 Things Successful People Never Do At the End of the Workday”

First of all, I have come to hate these lists. Secondly, who are these “Successful People?”  Who decided they are successful?  And why should I read this crap and feel bad about my lack of success?  What are they trying sell me?  It might just be that I should agree with their assertions.  Maybe I’m supposed to conform to this author’s definition of success.

This whole “habits of rich people, successful people, people who are better than me” article is just annoying as hell. Maybe I should make my own list: “Top Ten Annoying Habits of Article Writers That Should Spend Their Time Doing Something More Productive.”

By the way, this post is not meant to teach you anything about success, making money, or feeling bad about your life. It is just a self-indulgent bitch session.  Isn’t that what the internet is for?

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